Meet the Borderline Tree Ring, an innovation in gardening invented, designed and

manufactured in Ireland. The Tree Ring has many benefits when fitted around your tree:

+ Prevents weed growth

+ Retains moisture

+ Saves your trees from damage

+ Adds a neat finish

+ And takes the hard work out of cutting your lawn.



The 5 easy steps to fit the tree ring


1. Remove any tall grass / weeds from around tree

2. Place the weed barrier supplied around the stem ensure it overlaps at the joining

3. Clip two sections toegether and place around the tree then add the last section and centre .

4. Press gently but firmly into the ground

5. Now fill the centre section with mulch / bark pebble or stones



Save your trees


The Tree Ring means NO MORE weeds or weedkiller strimmer or damage to your trees. The Tree Ring has unique spikes that grip the soil it will not move when in use and specially designed edge allows a mow overedge that gives you a neat finish every time "Without the hassle of trying to get closer and closer with that mower each time "

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